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In Flames: Windy Chaos (2015)

This video was created by placing laser cut black paper over an LCD screen. This obscures most of the image allowing only 18 intermittent lines of pixels to shine through. This work was shown in darkened space. This allowed for the highest level of contrast between the illuminated pixels and the black paper covering the screen. If you saw this work when it was exhibited you would have experienced true black, something that is impossible to reproduce on any monitors or projector that you might use to view the documentation of this work in the video below. Continue reading In Flames: Windy Chaos (2015)

IOU in material thought (2014)

Documentation of the exhibition Dimensions of line: IOU in material thought (2014). This exhibition included a series of drawings, a light projection work and a camera obscura effect created by laser cut slits in the black-out material used in the windows of the space. The effect was particularly pronounced when the sun was hitting the passing cars on Abercrombie street in front of the gallery. Continue reading IOU in material thought (2014)