The Chopstick Technique (2002-2011)

I conceived on this work after contingencies of travel led me to eat a custard apple with chopsticks in a public plaza. What started as an act born of necessity turned into an impromptu and undocumented art action. It was just odd enough to arouse the curiosity of passersby but not so strange that it was obviously some kind of performance. When I got back to my room I took out the chopsticks and reflected on the curiosity that the eating of the custard apple had aroused. I was thinking about a biological imperative for curiosity around food and how we eat.  I then had the thought that if the chopsticks were pens I could try to write four different letters simultaneously.

This way of writing was for a long time a kind of stream of consciousness cypher. In this recent reworking of The Chopstick Technique the emphasis is on thinking about it as a poetic form. This leads to the question; how how does the significance of the act of writing relate to the sense that we make of the words?