James Turrell’s Within without: A User’s Guide

I’m a huge fan of James Turrell’s work and I reckon Within without (2010) is one of the best things the NGA has ever purchased. I also think that it’s important to do some in depth thinking about the art that you love and this article is my attempt to do that in relation to Turrell’s work at the NGA

In Within without, you are being directed toward a specific viewing angle and being asked to submit to an experience that has the potential to alter your perception of time, space and light. To remain standing is to maintain the mastery of your viewing and to turn Turrell’s work into a kind of art object. But if you choose to sit you will be rewarded, as you realise that Within without gives you the opportunity not simply to be subjected to the work but to participate in creating a singular experience of space, light, sound and touch (in connection with the elements), and to play with the boundaries between inside and outside. In fact, we might think of Within without as a kind of instrument of perception that allows you to play across its many modes. Read the full article on the Sydney Review of Books website.