The Chopstick Technique (2002-2011)

I conceived on this work after contingencies of travel led me to eat a custard apple with chopsticks in a public plaza. What started as an act born of necessity turned into an impromptu and undocumented art action. It was just odd enough to arouse the curiosity of passersby but not so strange that it was obviously some kind of performance. When I got back to my room I took out the chopsticks and reflected on the curiosity that the eating of the custard apple had aroused. I was thinking about a biological imperative for curiosity around food and how we eat.  I then had the thought that if the chopsticks were pens I could try to write four different letters simultaneously. Continue reading The Chopstick Technique (2002-2011)

Postulates of Brain Sculpting

Contemporary neuroscience has provided us with insights into the functioning of the brain that have the potential to inform new modes of creative practice. In this article I discuss how recent developments in the areas of brain plasticity and the occupational specialization of brain processes can open a field of investigation that will involve the deliberate ‘sculpting’ of the neural medium. The art-historical context for this article is performance and performative video work in which the body is conceived of as the artist’s medium.  I draw on the scientific literature in order to outline a postulates of brain sculpting which allows us to see the brain as a medium that can be sculpted through specific forms of creative practice. Continue reading Postulates of Brain Sculpting

The Curse of Formalism

As a teacher I’ve sometimes seen students who are making interesting and chaotic work have the life sucked out of it by a curator or lecturer who asks them to reduce it to some kind of minimalist/formalist essence. On one level this article is a defense of the brilliantly chaotic, a mode that can take many forms and rarely gets the kind of in depth thought and critical attention it deserves. Continue reading The Curse of Formalism

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