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Is interactivity overrated? Using video as a high res image viewer

I want to share more of the detail in the drawings that I’ve been making so I’ve been looking around for a browser-based high res image viewer. There are a few out there – Extrazoom is one, gigapan is another – but none of them are really that great or, for that matter, better than google earth in terms of its zooming functionality.  And for my purposes, even the google earth level of functionality leaves a lot to be desired. There’s a bunch of buffering that happens as you zoom and while you wait for that to happen you’re left looking at a blurry image. Even in a perfect world of fast internet connections and speedy buffering you can only jump from one level of zoom to the next and, no matter how nicely it animates between those states, you can’t float seamlessly into the image. Continue reading Is interactivity overrated? Using video as a high res image viewer

Overtone Singing: continuous overdub tutorial

Some of the creative things that I do don’t fit neatly into the categories on this site so they end up here in the blog section.  One of those things is overtone singing. I’ve been singing harmonic overtones as a meditative practice for  many years. Its something that I’ve always done for myself. This is partly because I was never motivated to record and edit my singing into a form that I wanted to share.

That changed when I watched this hilarious Reggie Watts video. It gave me a sense that I could create something in real time by applying some of the techniques Reggie uses to the very different realm of overtone singing. Continue reading Overtone Singing: continuous overdub tutorial